Reconciling the body of Christ through the Word & Music, overcoming all racial, gender, age and denominational barriers with an understanding that we are all called, created and uniquely gifted to reproduce the Atmosphere of Heaven on earth.

We Are:

A group of worship leaders with diverse musical backgrounds from different cultures committed to changing the lives of others through the Word, discipleship & song.

Coming together with one passion our goal is to unite the Body of Christ across denominational, racial, gender, age, and every other wall that has been used to divide us!

We believe that music is an integral part of this process.

We are dedicated to developing minstrels and psalmist, discipling men & women to be committed to exuding the atmosphere of heaven wherever they go, and influencing transformation and reconciliation within their sphere of influence and beyond!

We are allowing God to work in us to produce a sound that draws diverse cultures, ethnicities, age groups, denominations, etc and brings all these people together to accomplish the plans and purposes of God, to draw men and women to the heart of God, and to initiate justice ( apprehending God’s disposition towards the broken.. Bishop Joseph Garlington)

Atmosphere of Heaven is everyone who has accepted the call to carry His Presence wherever we go, everyone who understands that the Spirit of Christ resides in us, and that we are “called, created and uniquely gifted to reproduce the Atmosphere of Heaven” all day every day, changing the lives of those we come in contact with!